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Welcome to Unknown Entity, a World of Warcraft Alliance guild founded in July 3rd, 2005 on the European Sunstrider realm, but currently residing on Sylvanas
End of the tier
Posted by Decypher on December 22 2015 23:45:09
"Mount Hyjal was merely a setback" - Your dead demon pal, Archimonde.

Archimonde lived a few weeks longer than he should, but yesterdays raid went like a breeze and Hellfire Citadel is now fully cleared. We're coming for you Legion, be prepared!

You know, this guild is like a child to me and it feels great to know it's in very good hands. Things Voon and Glirin accomplished when me and Kes had to be away were nothing short of amazing and together we will do our best in Legion. Thank you all for helping UE beat this lovely tier and Merry Xmas. - Decy

GG on finishing this tier bros and girls! Even though we had some steps backwards along the way, overall we progressed from almost nothing to start with (props to Gli and Voon again). If we can continue learning as a team we can do whatever we want and we can at least halve our current ranking. Let Legion show others what we're truly made of again.Let us excel ourselves at every chance we get now. - Kesther

Good job everyone on killing Archimonde before the end of the year! We have come a long way from Blackrock Foundry and the roster back then and are pleased with the results. Despite some setbacks along the way, we are now done with this tier and are ready to look forward to the future and improving our already established roster. We have a strong team and plenty of time before Legion to become an even stronger unit. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Glirin

We were days from ending it all, it was my desire to do well by Kesther and the partnership with my friend Gli that kept me going. My gratitude to those who didn't give up on us. And at the end of the road we find ourselves with a stronger roster than I could imagine, and leadership with real chemistry and respect for one another. A job well done, come at us Legion. - Voon

Nice of all to keep up consistent trying and making sure we got this guy down before xmas. Coming towards Legion, we will aim to bolster our roster. We aim to get better and faster results, as we know that we can achive. Coming to farm stage now, we assume everyone to keep increasing their performance, to prove themself worthy and true hearted towards the guilds future. Merry xmas and happy new year. - Mooncode
Archimonde awaits
Posted by Decypher on December 03 2015 13:56:56
Mannoroth was defeated by our hands for the 5th time in the story, psst, stay down this time.

Posted by Decypher on October 20 2015 19:59:09
Don't cross the streams they said, it'll be easy they said, and it was. Xhul'horac down, Mannoroth next!

Posted by Decypher on October 13 2015 13:45:18
With a kill on the first pull of the night, Tyrant Velhari was brought down.

Posted by Decypher on September 29 2015 06:39:05
We left destruction in our wake.

Posted by Decypher on September 22 2015 21:03:40
Two nights, two new bosses.

Posted by Decypher on September 14 2015 21:07:34
Some hundreds of kilograms of blood, sweats and tears later...



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