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Posted by Kirana on July 26 2005 16:51:23
After several days with an AH that barely works and a mail system that refuses to let me send items, and two meaningless server restarts in one day... I think I need some of this:

Brought to you by the great guys at Ascensum.
.com, MC, DKP...
Posted by Kirana on July 16 2005 21:17:34
So is up and running, there's a very important thread about the Molten Core raid next week here, where you really should sign up if you want to go and ask for help with attunement (if you need that), and an almost as important thread about DKP here. Read them all, and tell everyone who hasn't registered yet to do so, and if you know someone who probably does want to do MC next week but hasn't posted in that thread yet, please ask them to do so.
.com is .coming
Posted by Kirana on July 15 2005 21:03:28
I just signed up for DNS service from, hopefully it won't take very long for the registrar to update. After that, we can start using
Problems logging in?
Posted by Kirana on July 15 2005 05:42:07
Me and Aikendrum just figured out a work around for those of you that can't login using!
Try with instead, and bookmark that if it works. If you are still having problems, send a mail to Ceredwyn.
Tomorrow is patch day
Posted by Kirana on July 12 2005 17:57:24
Now also confirmed on the European forums here.

This will hopefully mean we will do more questing (not raiding) in Scholomance and Stratholme. Use the raid forum, which I'm going to rename to something more appropriate, to find others to quest with in there. Set a date and time and go with a well balanced group.
The site is up!
Posted by Kirana on July 12 2005 00:36:21
It's just a basic installation of PHP-fusion, but it looks pretty nice. Easy to manage.
Still need a better theme, a logo and some spam in the forums. Register now, and I'll add you to the "Guild Member" group soon. Register with your main's name so I know who you are!


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